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Denver's Upscale Consignment Boutique
Where Socialites Sell Designer Clothes to YOU!! For LE$$!!

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Fashionable woman in upscale consigment shop clothes    

Ladies welcome to A Repeat Boutique in Denver, Colorado where style cost LE$$! This distinctive UPSCALE RESALE shop features high end DESIGNER labels at a fraction of retail.  For over twenty years, Mary, the owner of this shop has successfully prided herself in outfitting any size woman in top designer fashions at affordable prices. Mary believes that you spend enough on the necessities in life and shouldn't have to spend too much to be fashionably well dressed! So when looking for that special outfit - give this respected shop a try and you'll be more fashionable for it and $save money$ too!

Gently Used or Near-New Clothing
The Hottest Designers
Armani™ • Prada™ • St. John Knits™ • Chanel™ • Gucci™ • Donna Karan • and many more of all your favorite designers...
Fashion Accessories
Belts • Handbags • Shoes • Hats • Scarves • Earrings • Jewelry
Furs • Formals • Business Attire • Leather • Coats • Evening Wear
\ We are pleased to offer sizes 0-22W

Fashionable woman in consignment shop clothing

Woman in designer clothes from our consignment shop

For the Discriminate Shopper
Check out our BACKROOM BARGAIN CENTER for deep discounts on designer labels. You'll be impressed at the money you saved by shopping at Repeat Boutique.

We are currently accepting St. John Knits and Chanel

Bring or Mail in your St. John Knits or Chanel and you will receive a complete 60% Commission on these 2 labels!
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Contact our boutique or better yet, stop in to browse our latest finds!

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Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Sunday, 12 p.m.-5 p.m.

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